Long Live The Race

💛Our roots have instilled in us to CELEBRATE. We DANCE. We ENCOURAGE. We PRAY. And since we were targeted because of our roots, let’s dig them SO deep, SO intertwined with each others, SO strongly, that the fruit of our lives reaps a harvest grand enough for the 22 lives we lost so soon- because I have a feeling that’s exactly what they’d want. 🌱#ElPasoStrong #VivaLaRaza

Let’s choose joy, choose victory, choose life. Huge shout out to El Paso Billboard Trucks for showcasing my artwork in such a grand way. They’re incredible and I’m humbled by the city’s response all thanks to them ☀️


Love wins

Surrogacy is a gift that we as woman have the choice to bless others with. To give your body, your time, your energy and your love so selflessly is one of the grandest gestures I can think of. •

Elena was perfectly paired with Chris and Mike on this incredible journey as she holds their baby girl and I am so blessed to have met them and captured photos while the expecting couple flew down for Elena’s 20 week sonogram. ♥️ The surrogacy process is a lengthy one- full of major decisions, lots of trips and loads of trust and I just can’t stop thinking how miraculous it is that this baby girl has been well thought of, planned, prayed and hoped for by more people than she’ll ever know. Love wins, the end.


In the middle of the in-betweens

It’s interesting being a photographer. I get to see how couples are with each other (like, how they really are) in between the poses and the prompts. I get to hear their conversations, their flow and their tone with each other. I get to see how silly and comfortable they are with one another, if they laugh at each other, appreciate each other and if they truly like the company they keep past the photos I’m capturing. I’d love to say that every couple I shoot is madly in love and super kind and patient and mushy gushy on and off the set up, but that’s not always the case. And while I pray for every couple I shoot and know that shoots can be stressful and tense for the shy ones, I think it’s super amazing when I meet couples that are undoubtedly a match. It’s my job to grab the shot, but it’s my J O Yto capture feelings just like this one here. ♥️


It's April

And my books are filled

my pups are healthy

my husband is still the best thing that ever happened to me

my best friend will be flying in from nyc this week

my weekend will be in spent in the woods in good company

and my cup runneth over

Surely, love & mercy.


Gothams up in Heaven

And our hearts are hurting

our bed is bigger

our family smaller

But we know

Our pup is better

and our God is greater than any sadness we feel.

6 wonderful years with our little love, and we’re counting down the days til we see him again.


its january

and i know that i know that i know that leaving my last job was the right decision.

im happy, whole & curious

& everything seems new again.


Thursdays are for Holiday Cookies

With warm ovens, sweet friends, and 2 lazy dogs from morning to afternoon. sometimes blessings are as small and sacred as an afternoon with friends, and those are my favorite kind.

It's been a funny year

at my dream job.

I spent the past 5 years of my life prior to being here, with my hands busy with what was in front of me and my head turned back looking at the church wondering “why aren’t I there? when will my calling be fulfilled and when will i finally be where i know you want me?”

I was vocal. I was persistent, I was determined to reach my goal and make it work.

And now looking back at the year that I’ve been living the dream, I’m walking away with this-

  • I’ve made friends who have turned into family and worked with colleagues who I admire more than any group of people I’ve met. They’ve shown me love. the meaning of teamwork, and the extraordinary product that is created when many hearts beat as one.

  • I am a highly emotional creative, which has mostly in the past given me an edge and a point of interest in my work and product, but also hinders my growth as a professional during conflict. I’m learning the importance of letting every thing I feel pass through me, since I’ve learned that holding onto negativity and conflict never bring good fruit.

  • I’ve begun to understand that my pastors are anointed, and their ability to communicate The Word and touch my heart is a blessing I’m honored to experience.. and I need my pastors as my spiritual leaders more than I do as my managers.

  • And most importantly- I’m reminded that I do not serve a second-best God. That He has gifted me with an experience at ALFC full of highs and lows, blessings and opportunities for growth, and He has given me the most frightening/invigorating gift of all- to move on in life, fulling trusting Him to open a new door with new rivers, without always looking over my shoulder, back at the church, wondering why I am here and not there.

I can move forward with clarity, with peace, understanding, and purpose. I can breathe in, and breathe out, and be grateful.


its been a journey

looking back at last year alone and I see how much providence and favor has surrounded us.

sometimes your mind tells you that his favor only follows you in certain realms and circumstances. sometimes you forget his might. his perseverance. his ability to bring beauty from ashes. sometimes you forget that he isn’t a second-best god. he isn’t a lack luster redeemer.

surely it doesn’t stop here. surely He will follow me. He was here before, and will be there after. Surely, there is more.

Gladly I will walk into the foggiest spot Ive been in. Cause when I panic, am weak, don’t know, can’t sleep- he grows in the cracks i’m trying so desperately to fill.

It’s time to grow, its time to leap.


There’s hope

You’re not lost

youre not stuck  

youre not old


take a breath and listen in, stop living how you’re told. 



“You should never

feel the need to acclimate to disfunction. You’re not the one to change it and that’s okay too.” 


As the tiny book in the speedway party of Marshall’s read- gopher it. He’s got this. 


I’m 25 years old

and I still feel like I’m pushing the limit and invading personal space of the lady behind me when I push my chair back to recline it on my southwest flight.  


Omw NYC, awkward thoughts and all  



poquito sed

poquito cansada

con tanto amor por la futura

como sea que se vea


Nothing quite like

Diving into clean sheets that smell like downy after a day full of pumpkin picking, dog licking and picture clicking with my hubby, family and friends. I’m sure this is what Tuesday’s in Heaven consist of.  


it's little friday

and even though this week has been pressed in with all sorts of nicks, bruises and lows

my dogs are nuzzled up against my feet as the sun pours into the french doors and warms the room

and slowly

as if to sneak past me -i think, ‘it all aint so bad.’

actually, it’s all quite marvelous..

Let me tell you

tonight was full of victory's and I dont know where to start.  


-My mom dad and sisters joined me in service tonight, and God seemed to lift the veil and speak directly into our hearts and I CANT EMPHASIZE HOW MOVING IT WAS. We’ve got the victory over our current struggles and I’m so glad we all claimed that as one tonight- I missed us all together praising God. 

- I ran into an old friend after service today who was never a believer and attended ALFC for the first time tonight. I’m the few words i exchanged with him he said “I’m a changed man.” And I can only imagine Heaven roaring along with me at the news. He’d  reached out previously about crushing anxiety and was seeking advice on how to handle it and I lifted him up in prayer and let him know a little bit about how cool God is and my remedies but tonight..TONIGHT.. he met God. And I saw a new man before me and let me tell you- God is real. And really good. 







I've Been

Booked with shoots for the past 2 months. From big projects like the El Paso Children’s Hospital to private engagement sessions in the Pecan Tree Road in Mesilla.

I’ve been booked and busy and haven’t made time to post more but I had a thought-

To Him who much is given, much is required. So I’m gonna fix that real quick.



are long 

and require more





but get this- He made Tuesday’s too. So I’m going to love em anyways.  






The quiet in the morning beats the quiet in my sleep, breathing in the stillness

the sunlight on my cheek

Hopeful in the journey, committed to the call

Life seems so brand-new again when you jump back from the fall.