I remember.

At the Smorgusburg in Brooklyn, I came across a stand where a man sold metal work that you could choose from and on the spot he could hammer in any lettering you'd like.

I remember coming across a tiny tie clip

I remember thinking about Bernie all dressed up. With his slacks in a crisp white shirt and a skinny tie to match . I remember looking at the clip and picturing Bernie in front of the mirror, combing back his dark hair, clamping on his watch, and reaching for this clip. 

I remember thinking how handsome he looked with his dress clothes on. 

I remember the sinking feeling, such a familiar feeling, because 

I couldn't remember the last night I spent out with him where we both made ourselves up and reveled in each other. 

& so I picked up the tiny tie clip, and handed it to the metalworker. 


I remember missing you and thinking, One day I won't have to.