It's been a funny year

at my dream job.

I spent the past 5 years of my life prior to being here, with my hands busy with what was in front of me and my head turned back looking at the church wondering “why aren’t I there? when will my calling be fulfilled and when will i finally be where i know you want me?”

I was vocal. I was persistent, I was determined to reach my goal and make it work.

And now looking back at the year that I’ve been living the dream, I’m walking away with this-

  • I’ve made friends who have turned into family and worked with colleagues who I admire more than any group of people I’ve met. They’ve shown me love. the meaning of teamwork, and the extraordinary product that is created when many hearts beat as one.

  • I am a highly emotional creative, which has mostly in the past given me an edge and a point of interest in my work and product, but also hinders my growth as a professional during conflict. I’m learning the importance of letting every thing I feel pass through me, since I’ve learned that holding onto negativity and conflict never bring good fruit.

  • I’ve begun to understand that my pastors are anointed, and their ability to communicate The Word and touch my heart is a blessing I’m honored to experience.. and I need my pastors as my spiritual leaders more than I do as my managers.

  • And most importantly- I’m reminded that I do not serve a second-best God. That He has gifted me with an experience at ALFC full of highs and lows, blessings and opportunities for growth, and He has given me the most frightening/invigorating gift of all- to move on in life, fulling trusting Him to open a new door with new rivers, without always looking over my shoulder, back at the church, wondering why I am here and not there.

I can move forward with clarity, with peace, understanding, and purpose. I can breathe in, and breathe out, and be grateful.