47 Days

Aint it funky how you can speak about something for so long, know it as fact, prepare, plan, and understand it- and still be in awe that its happening? 


We've been talking about this day since we were 16 years old, dreaming it, speaking it, breathing it into existence. And still, still I feel like it surreal. 

I get to spend the rest of my days with 100% certainty that the incredible love and absolute adoration I have is reciprocated.


I am blessed with giving and receiving something so pure, so real, so familiar to our story- over and over again. 


I am allowed the opportunity to use this powerful tool called love. And with this tool, we can create a life bursting with blessings, the biggest of these blessings of course, our children. 

I am gifted with the honor of becoming a mother alongside my partner. As our story is written, and we familiarize ourselves with the characters of husband and wife,  we have the opportunity to recreate ourselves, to fall deeper in love, to make love, and then life, and elevate our storyline script names to Mom and Dad.


And to this day, I know no greater calling or purpose to look forward to than to have and to hold my babies as my love will have and hold me. 


Love is so strong, so cyclical, so dynamic. And I thank God for it.