Moving pieces

times passing and the world keeps on moving and people look up at the commotion



for a moment, and return peacefully to their lives 


but every child ripped away hasnt one moment of peace at all. And I’m sitting here wondering what I ever did to have this life. 


And it’s nothing  


nothing I did or sacrificed, and I get to sit here and watch for moments and return to my peaceful life that I never earned  



so I lift up my voice in the silence of the room and

ask god to bring beauty from ash

find diamonds in trash  

To make rain in the dessert and spark life in the fire 

Restore faith in the nation we all once admired  

breathe life in the mother whose heart has been broken

remind her Your word brings life when its spoken.  

Let all of the children know that you’re near, That your plans are to prosper them- even here.