Let me tell you

tonight was full of victory's and I dont know where to start.  


-My mom dad and sisters joined me in service tonight, and God seemed to lift the veil and speak directly into our hearts and I CANT EMPHASIZE HOW MOVING IT WAS. We’ve got the victory over our current struggles and I’m so glad we all claimed that as one tonight- I missed us all together praising God. 

- I ran into an old friend after service today who was never a believer and attended ALFC for the first time tonight. I’m the few words i exchanged with him he said “I’m a changed man.” And I can only imagine Heaven roaring along with me at the news. He’d  reached out previously about crushing anxiety and was seeking advice on how to handle it and I lifted him up in prayer and let him know a little bit about how cool God is and my remedies but tonight..TONIGHT.. he met God. And I saw a new man before me and let me tell you- God is real. And really good.