In the middle of the in-betweens

It’s interesting being a photographer. I get to see how couples are with each other (like, how they really are) in between the poses and the prompts. I get to hear their conversations, their flow and their tone with each other. I get to see how silly and comfortable they are with one another, if they laugh at each other, appreciate each other and if they truly like the company they keep past the photos I’m capturing. I’d love to say that every couple I shoot is madly in love and super kind and patient and mushy gushy on and off the set up, but that’s not always the case. And while I pray for every couple I shoot and know that shoots can be stressful and tense for the shy ones, I think it’s super amazing when I meet couples that are undoubtedly a match. It’s my job to grab the shot, but it’s my J O Yto capture feelings just like this one here. ♥️